Conflict is inevitable

Conflict is inevitable

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Conflict is inevitable. Discuss.

We live in a world of inevitable conflict because our thinking is in conflict. It is a fundamental part of human existence, leading back to the earliest form of conflict where our human ancestors competed with other species for survival tools such as food and shelter. Nowadays, conflict has developed into multitudinous forms where we have somehow learnt to organize ourselves into rigidly-defined categories based upon race, ethnicity, nationality, ideology, religion and countless other identities vigorously defending the boundaries of such categories from the outside making conflict inevitable and completely achieving peace close to impossible. Most of this is simply due to a difference in opinion.

The story of Billy Elliot truly reflects on how having a difference in passion resulted in an inevitable conflict. Billy Elliot had a pure and innocent yet fiery passion for dancing but the conflict grew when his father opposed his interest and kept it in his mind that Ballet was not for lads because he already had a conflict with himself where he couldn’t put down his pride and was afraid of what others would view him as because his son was dancing instead of doing the more ‘manly’ thing at the time which was football or wrestling. Another kind of conflict here also defines the gap between ‘want’ and ‘need’. These two terms also heavily contributes to the inevitability of conflict. An example would be that Billy Elliot’s father was fully devoted to a strike however he soon realized that if he continued to strike, the family would soon run out of food on the table because being involved in the strike is like working unpaid and it may not even result in anything beneficial in the end so he had to decide whether he was going to pursue with something that he wanted to do that was to continue with the strike hoping that something is going to work out for him in the end or something that he needs to do that is to work as something...

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