conflict management

conflict management

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One of the most important responsibilities of management is the hiring of new employees and the firing of ineffective employees. The process of hiring and firing must be done with care to avoid any actions or decisions that may be seen as unethical or illegal.

Non-Compete Agreements are controversial documents that restrict an indivdual's right to work with competitors of a former employer. This type of document is does not give employers perfect protection but usually deters former employees. Non-compete agreements restrict the type and timing of jobs that workers may take if they leave their company. The agreement consists of a list of competitors that the employee may not work for usually one or two years after leaving the company. Research reveals that former employees who are subject to non-competes are more likely to take a different career path. Businesses strategically manage the process of getting workers to sign these contracts (Marx, 2011).

business owners should take care to ensure that they have written agreements in place giving them ownership and/or rights in the works created by independent contractors, and the relevant ideas conceived by their employees.

It is not an easy job to find, hire and keep excellent employees in a company. Leaders must understand and obey the government regulations on hiring employees. The article addresses many key factors when hiring and firing an employee.

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