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This assignment aims to demonstrate an understanding of conflict within an organisation, from the perspective of a regional director. The fundamental intention is to explore how the director will handle the specific manifestations which appear to have reached a state of anxiety between a paid co-ordinator and the chair of the management committee. Such an exploration is crucial and essential because conflict though healthy at times, has the potential to obscure individual and organisational progress if not dealt with in the correct manner. “Conflict is normal in human relationships, and conflict is a motor of change” (Lederach, 2003:4). And therefore for the director in the driving seat, needs to adopt more transformational approaches which deliver a more creative and positive nurture to a conflict situation with imagination. “This approach goes beyond negotiating solutions and builds toward something new” (Lederach, 2003:38). It would be simple some might suggest, for the director to resolve the conflict by negotiating between the two parties, but would this solve the more deep rooted anxieties, only offering short term relief?

As a director, if it was clear what the root causes of conflict were, I could predict when a crisis was about to develop. Conflicts can become confusing especially for the parties involved let alone the person observing them. Take the recent conflict between our co-ordinator and the chair, each of them with their own set of values, beliefs, behaviours, genders and goals, their interpersonal styles shaping how each other view the situation. It is therefore imperative that, how I the director work toward the conflict is just as import as what I do to facilitate and achieve a positive outcome (Fisher et al, 2000).

(Fisher et al, 2000:14-15) offers four steps in achieving this;

 STOP: ‘think before you act’
This is crucial principle in working with conflict – provided that circumstances allow. Do your analysis...

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