Conformity: Drawbacks

Conformity: Drawbacks

1Noelia Hubert

Conformity and its Drawbacks

Conformity is a kind behaviour that obeys the accepted rules of society or a close group.

Throughout life, human beings are social creatures and as such, they tend to seek for the

acceptance of their close ones. This behaviour may be considered as something good as it help

us to go along with people. However, conformity has some drawbacks because it leads us to

unnecessary risks and it can restrict our freedom of choice.

Conformity can lead us to unnecessary risks. People yearn for the recognition, acceptance

and approval of others and in order to achieve this goals sometimes they sacrifice their own

believes to share their group views on sex, law, etc. This behaviour can be dangerous as some

attitudes may not be the right ones. For instance, a youngster who takes part of a fraternity at

university might not like the idea of drinking beverages every weekend, however he would not

say anything about it as his counterparts may be intolerant to dissenting ideas and may launch a

teasing campaign against him.

Conformity can restrict our freedom of choice. Since a child grows up, he conforms to

the rules of etiquette, of his faith community, and of his family. The fact of belonging to these

groups may determine his behaviour and choices as the child won't be able to choose what he is

fond of. Instead, the boy or girl will have to abstain from doing what his close group does not

like. For instance, a Muslim boy is committed to values and rules related to marriage. If he

decides to take the risk of getting married to somebody who does not belong to his religion, his

parents will probably feel upset and disappointed. Moreover, parents -sometimes- oppose to their

children choice of university career on the grounds of their believes. They may think that

becoming a nurse is not a good choice and as a consequence the son will study to...

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