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Confucius, more properly named K’ung Fu-Tze or Master K’ung, is one of the most

influential people who shaped the way people of Asia lived their lives( Children’s Britannica 117). Confucius was born in 551 BC in Lu china, at this time china was in turmoil and was split up into small states (Thomas and Dorothy hoobler 8). When Confucius was young he had his heart set onto learning, which inspired him to become a teacher (encyclopedia Britannica 654) As a teacher Confucius taught his philosophy to his disciples who, after Confucius’s death spread his teachings (encyclopedia Britannica 654). These teaching have had great influences on how the Asian people lived their lives
from day to day.

One of Confucius’s earliest influential thoughts was that everyone should have the
right to learn as long as they showed spirit (Thomas and Dorothy Hoobler 8). With this
ideology, Confucius created a school as him as the teacher; not one person was ever
turned down from Confucius’s school. Anyone was allowed into his school, no matter how rich or poor they were (children’s Britannica 117). At the time of Confucius’s death it is said he had over three thousand disciples, which he trained to become Chun tze (Thomas and Dorothy Hoobler 8).

At Confucius’s school his goal was to train his disciples to become Chun Tzu which simply means gentlemen. Confucius believed that his pupils would someday change society by becoming officials for the government. Confucius taught his students practically with the six arts, rituals, writing, archery, mathematics, music and chariot driving Confucius also taught his students about the five virtues, correct behavior, benevolence, honesty, knowledge and integrity. These virtues became the ideology of Confucianism (Thomas and Dorothy Hoobler 27).

Confucianism, which is based on Confucius’s philosophy, became fundamentals of living for the people of china. This is why Confucius was such an important person to the people...