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This is a relatively enriching topic, because it gives me the knowledge that might not be touched in class. For examples, it gives us an all rounded definition of education which emphasizes heavily on the moral values. Other judgmental views were also discussed, such as how right values may be taught instead of focusing on punishment, which is very relevant to today’s society. All these are able to enrich our critical thinking, and this can better help me in my teaching in the near future.

After reading the topic, I feel that it is inevitable that the ethical philosophy of Confucianism can cause confusion among philosophers. Confucianism’s educational idea is often the different strategies pertaining to the political as well as the economical issues and thus incorporates it to educational materials, but some others may deem it as an inefficient idea, since it makes room for corruption to happen. However, we cannot be too quick to judge the Confucius idea since complexities can be confusing at different angles and people may tend to stumble off from the real idea of Confucianism.

In my opinion, it is true that as long as corruption arises in a situation, be it to help others or yourself, such actions should not be pardoned, and should be disciplined accordingly. For example, the national kidney foundation and Ren Ci scandal had shown that after its incident, there was a fall in the donor rate, which directly affects the people of NKF who was in need. Who are these people that committed such offence? They are people who had excelled academically, but resorted to such offence due to greed and dishonesty. However, who can we blame but the human nature, rather then the government. If there is a more stringent action taken to look after the funds, these NKF personnel may not haven the chance to misuse the funding by the public. For example, there might be cases where the class fund is misused by the treasure of the person-in-charge, thus as a teacher, we can...

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