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Forte Hotel Design
By Gary L. Lilien and Arvind Rangaswamy


Before beginning any case, you should familiarize yourself with
the model being used. Marketing Engineering for Excel comes
with tutorials that demonstrate the capability of each model. The
tutorial can be found under each model within the ME►XL menu
after starting Excel. These tutorials are designed to work with our
OfficeStar examples which are located in the My Marketing
Engineering directory, usually installed in My Documents during
software installation. You are encouraged to review the
appropriate tutorial before beginning this case.


The data required for this case is located in the My Marketing
Engineering directory (usually located within My Documents).
There are three data files used for this case:
Forte Hotel Data (Conjoint, 1 Ratings).xls
Forte Hotel Data (Conjoint, 2 Partworths).xls
Forte Hotel Data (Conjoint, 3 Analysis).xls

Forte Executive Innes
Forte Hotels, a large European hotel chain, is developing a new hotel chain in
the United States. The chain, named Forte Executive Innes, will combine the
ambiance of a European hotel with American functionality and convenience.
Forte decided to invest in this hotel chain partly to take advantage of the
increasing numbers of business people traveling from Europe to the United

Company Background
Forte Hotels is the United Kingdom’s largest hotel chain. Its hotel brands
include Le Meridien, Forte Crest, Forte Posthouse, Forte Agip and Forte
TraveLodge. In addition, Forte Hotels includes an international group of 80
upscale hotels such as the Watergate Hotel, Washington, D.C.; Hyde Park
Hotel, London; and King Edward Hotel, Toronto. Recently the company’s
chairman, Sir Rocco Forte, announced that he plans to sell the TraveLodge
chain in the United States. In its place, Forte Hotels will develop a new chain

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