Steven Richards’s assessment 2_07
A description of the three topics, concepts, or theories you learned about in the module that you consider most important
An explanation of how you can apply what you’ve learned about each of these three concepts to your own life
At least one paragraph for each topic, for a total of three paragraphs

Lack of conservation: This is one of the theories I have learned in this module having a lack of conservation is pretty much not knowing when enough is enough you keep giving the same energy towards this thing instead of conserving your energy and doing in sparingly.
Object permanence: This theory describes that even though something is out of site it is still their not gone or invisible you just can’t see it for examples a baby playing with his ball knocks it under the bed at that point it’s out of his sight so he thinks it’s gone forever just poof bye bye.
Temperament: This theory is that your emotions and the way you act and are going to act is not learned by your environment but passed down genetically instead.

Lack of conservation can be used in my life to help me physically and mentally I have just about no control over my actions when I start working I go 100% no more no less wasting a lot of my own energy usually leaving me weak, tired and sleepy for example I am a part of a customs and border protection training program we do PT every Saturday running 4 miles and doing thousands of pushups I usually push myself to complete whatever I do even when others stop and end up winded.

Object permanence this can be used in my life to help me focus on things out of my sight because even though you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Once me and my friends were playing video games at my house while I play games I am completely oblivious to what’s going on around me and I ended up losing my phone, my remote, and my wallet my friends even managed to get a bottle of water and splash it on me before I realized they were...

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