Conserving Resoures Is Bad

Conserving Resoures Is Bad

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Conserving Resources is Bad

The Conservation of our World and Humanity
Joshua M Schulz
Axia of UOP
September 13, 2009

The Conservation of Our World and Humanity

In a world that is moving forward faster than any single individual could actually comprehend, we must discuss the short falls of conservation of resources and how we should fix what is wrong with this simplistic view. As the only species on this planet that can save or destroy the world, we must protect the planet and all life forms from becoming a foot note in the history of the universe. Our nonrenewable resources are depleting, and our renewable resources are suffering. In this paper I shall discuss resource conservation, government involvement, and renewable resources.

The Problem
As the human population grows, so does the need for more recourses. The population of the planet is increasing daily. There are 370 thousand births recorded each day, and 156 thousands deaths each day (Wikipedia, 2009). The amount of births far outnumbers the deaths. This is causing the planets nonrenewable resources to be used up very quickly, and the naturally growing resources such as the planets vegetation to be depleted and struggle to recover. One may say we could all do our share and practice conservation of our resources. Perhaps by limiting the amount of gas, electricity, water, natural building materials (lumber), and limiting petroleum based entertainment (any activity that requires the use of petroleum based fuels). I would say this does sound feasible, but what about those of the population that refuses to follow this. There are those, many of those, who do not worry about the overuse of our resources. They would just keep abusing our resources for the sake of comfort, and to avoid taking action. We could implement government mandates, but there will always be a...

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