Construct and Support an Argument - Paper

Construct and Support an Argument - Paper

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Travis Hamilton, Jr.
University of Phoenix


The argument this paper addresses is whether or not a person should intentionally seek to disguise their ethnicity. Is it morally or ethically wrong to withhold such information or use it for personal gain? The subject of this paper benefited from not disclosing that he was black. His skin color, features and mannerisms gave people the impression that he was a white man. The assumption that he was a white gave him access and entry into a job that black men, at the time would never have been afforded the opportunity to obtain. Attaining the position forced him to carry himself in a way that made others think he did not like black people. This was necessary in order for him to gain acceptance with his white counterparts.


We will say about seventy years ago a young man by the name of Jones Hamilton was born. He was born as a black man. Even so, he and his siblings had very fair skin. To those who did not know, they appeared to be white. This seemed to give them certain privileges when it came to service and things of that nature.

So as Jones and the rest of his family got older they began their careers. Jones chose a job at the Good Year Tire Factory. The establishment thought he was white and offered him a job as a chemist. Other blacks applying for work were offered more strenuous jobs on the line and other back breaking tasks. Although Jones had some college these types of jobs weren’t offered to black men.

The Argument:
* Does Jones have to tell the establishment he is black?
* Is he wrong for not telling them he is black?
* Is Jones walking a fine line with his livelihood?
* Does skin color really make a difference in hiring practices then and now?

Main Body

In support of this situation Jones doesn’t have to tell the establishment that he is black. Obviously he was qualified for the job with the credentials...

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