Construct and Support Your Argument

Construct and Support Your Argument

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Construct and Support an Argument

Cornell Jackson


April 4, 2010

Ben Olmos

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Construct and Support an Argument

Thesis: Because the job market is hard to penetrate. Receiving an MBA degree will ensure a job in this almost impossible job market.
Issue: Graduating with an MBA Degree
Claiming: Acquiring an MBA degree will guarantee a new job and a new career.
Education is the one of the most important thing in society. Educators and even president of the United States pushes every man, women, and child be afford a top rate education.
My decision to pursue an MBA degree is a dream come true. I started from humbling beginning; my mother was a single parent of five and never finished high school. I was born with a speech impediment, which cause me to ready and write at a more slowly level than my classmates. I fought and fought to overcome my disability and accomplish some great thing in my life. First, I was the first in my family to graduate from college. Second, I believe if I had an MBA degree the doors will open and I will almost guarantee me a six figure job. Once, I receive my MBA; again I will be the first in my family to be educated pass a four degree. For the last 20 years I have work for a company that reward and paid employees for having a higher education. I was always at the bottom, never could get paid for what I was worth whereas, my bosses got paid much more for the work I did. I always have worked hard at every job I held. Receiving an MBA degree will allow me to be in charge and earn the pay. A question comes to mind, “How many times have employers worked at a company and knew more than the person in charge” They hold the position only

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