Construction Management

Construction Management

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Statement of Purpose

MS in Construction Management

I am a Civil Engineer who has always aspired to choose a career which stimulates and holds a natural appeal. Hence, after my bachelors I started my career with M/S. SOMA Enterprise Limited, Gurgaon. My present designation is Graduate Engineer Trainee in the field of Power, Water and Environmental Department where we deal with projects such as Hydro Power, Solar Power, Thermal Power and Water treatment projects. In these projects my responsibility many fold. I primarily co-ordinate with the design team and collect the details of design which are included in the project. Second, Estimation of Quantities, Costing, Tariff calculation and Project Planning is also my forte. For Costing of project I have done hourly use rate of Equipments, Rate Analysis of items. I also prepare the preliminary drawings, and documentation work such as Detailed Project Report which includes each and every detail of the project for tendering purpose of the project. All these experiences enlightened me on the importance and the potential behind Construction Management Specialists. Thus, now to hone my skills further I am enthusiastic to do my Masters in Construction Management. In the following lines I present my credentials for the same.

My decision to major in Civil Engineering was the result of my desire to contribute something beautiful to the society. The direct impact of Civil Engineering on every individual’s life and importance of infrastructure for development of a country provoked my interest. Coming to the Construction developments going on and the miracles in Civil Engineering Structures that are coming up now-a-days we have to opt for many construction methodologies and how to manage a project construction within the specified timeline assuring Safety, Strength, Economy, Feasibility aspects into consideration by adopting several techniques in the construction process to achieve the goal. As of Construction...

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