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Essay on Constructivism Evaluation


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Essay on Constructivism Evaluation


Constructivism is a known as a learning theory that is based on the idea that people earn knowledge through their interaction with the outside world, their experiences and their thoughts about the world around them. The theory of constructivism got wide spread appreciation and acknowledgment through the Jean Piaget's work in the early 20th century. Thus, he is recognized as the founder of Constructivism. (Fosnot, 1996)


Major Aspects of Constructivism

The four major aspects of constructivism are:

Behaviorist Orientation:

Founded by John B. Watson, Behaviorism was the earliest formulation of the coherent theory of learning. From the behaviorist perception, three suppositions are held to be correct. First, the observable behavior was the focus rather than internal cognitive procedures. If learning has taken place, then some kind of observable external behavior is noticeable. Second, the environment is one of the precision tools of learning and behavior, not individual characteristics. And third, the reinforcement and contiguity principles are vital to explaining and analyzing the learning procedure. The behaviorist orientation is essential for present educational practice, counting adult education as well.

Cognitive Orientation  The Cognitive theories of learning deal with procedures that take place inside the nervous system and brain as an individual learns. They share the viewpoint that people keenly process information and hence, learning occurs through the efforts of the learner. Inputting, organizing, accumulating, retrieving and searching for relationships between information are included in the internal mental processes. New information is connected to the old knowledge, scripts and schema. 

Humanist Orientation  The Humanistic theories transfer the emphasis to the probable for individual...

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