Consumer's Installations Equipemnt

Consumer's Installations Equipemnt

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1. Introduction

2. Definitions

3. Characteristics of Supply

4. Application for supply

5. Change in consumer's requirements

6. Inspection of consumer's installation

7. Point of supply

8. Service line

9. Consumer's entrance cable

10. Meters

11. Consumer's installation

12. Motors and Miscellaneous apparatus

13. General information on the Commission's practices

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission has set out in this booklet its requirements for Consumer's Installations and equipment.
This booklet only covers general requirements. Consumers and other interested parties are therefore advised to seek additional guidance and information from the Commission when planning or modifying installations, or purchasing equipment, appliances or other apparatus for which the Commission would be requested to supply electrical energy. In this regard particular attention should be paid to Section 6 below.
2.1 Commission means the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission.

2.2 Consumer means any person supplied with energy by the commission.

2.3 Main means any electric line which may be laid down or erected by the Commission through which energy may be supplied or is intended to be supplied by the Commission.

2.4 Service Line means any electric line through which energy may be supplied or is intended to be supplied by the Commission to a Consumer either from any Main or directly from the premises of the Commission.

2.5 Installation means all the electrical wiring and equipment fed from one service line supplying energy to one or more consumers and owned by the Consumer/s or landlord.

2.6 Point of Supply
Point of
Entrance means the point at which the Commission supplies energy to an Installation serving one or more Consumers.

2.7 Entrance Cable means that portion of...

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