Consumer Behavior Experiment (Adjusting store lighting color)

Consumer Behavior Experiment (Adjusting store lighting color)

Consumer Behavior Experiment (Adjusting store lighting color)





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1 Introduction

Most retail organizations recognize that in store behavior of consumers can be modified through the creation of an atmosphere. Research studies have shown that shoppers make 80% of their purchase decisions right in the store (Ebster and Garaus 2011).Based on these researches it has been viewed that the effect of retail environment on consumer behavior is viewed to be strong.
Marketers have learnt great deal about consumer behavior and how the shopping environment influences that behavior. Consumer behavior has created a way in which stores can be designed to increase sales and create delighted shoppers at the same time. Lighting is seen to play a critical role in each of our daily lives. In our work places, production facilities, consumer facilities and many others it is seen that good lighting systems brings about good performances, employee satisfaction ,safety and comfort just to say the least. In public places such as malls and shops it is seen to create ambience together with accentuating the environment architecture. In our homes lighting helps to create a welcoming atmosphere hence making our homes to be a pleasure to be in. What keeps on occupying designers minds is the question of what does it take to provide a good lighting system for consumers.
This paper aims to investigate the effects of adjusting store lighting color on consumer’s perceptions and emotions in the retail world. Here product quality is given perception under the various levels of retail density. The study is based on the context of a community shopping mall based in the city. The availability of a good colored lighting system is viewed and hypothesized to change shoppers/consumers perception in a positive way about their environment (Ebster and Garaus 2011). The influence of retail environment on...

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