Consumer Behavior on the Tip of the Tongue

Consumer Behavior on the Tip of the Tongue

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Consumer behavior on the tip of the tongue 3
Abstract: 3
Key words 3
The different diet and food culture 4
The concept of culture 4
Food culture cause the difference diet habit 5
The change of tradition food 7
The food symbol in countries 7
Opportunities and Challenges for Company 8
The influence of culture to Consumer buying behavior 8
Introduction to consumer behavior and marketing strategy 8
The framework for consumer demand 9
The cross culture influence of consumption 10
The Consumer Behavior and Assimilation 11
The cuisine development towards different culture 12
The meaning of food culture and local consumer behaviors. 12
Self-positioning 15
Conclusion 15
Reference 17

Consumer behavior on the tip of the tongue

In china, Chinese have been affected by dinner culture for more than thousand years. “Hunger breeds discontentment” is a famous saying in china. Consumers make consumption decision during dinner is normal situation in China. As a basic demand in life, not only for Chinese but also for all over the world, there are many relations between dining culture and consumer behaviors. With the global economic effect, many companies make the foreign market. This article through to analysis different countries culture, the culture affect on consumer behaviors, explained the food culture in the social economy the huge affect which effect on consumer behaviors. Giving some advice help managers enter a new market.

Key words: dining; culture; consumer behaviors; consumer; influencing

The different diet and food culture

The concept of culture
The concept of “Culture” was first used by a Roman orator named Cicero. However the seminary meaning is come from agriculture or horticulture in 19th or 18th centuries. During the recent twenty years, the modern means are still change. But culture is a concept which is close to us. For schools or...

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