consumer behaviour

consumer behaviour

Consumer behavior in online shopping .
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According to author E-commerce has made life simple and innovative of individuals and groups. Consumer Behavior in online shopping is different from the physical market where he has access to see the product. Price, time saving and convenience were identified as important factors which lead to certain buying behavior in online shopping. The www is rebuild around people where social circles influence and lead to online buying. Consumer behavior of every individual is different from other depending on buying choices which is influenced by buying habits and choices that are turn tampered by psychological and social drivers that affect purchase decision process. Consumer behavior about decision making is difficult to define and is a system of short cuts and rule of thumb which is unpredictable. The short cuts in decision making vary from person to person and focusing on the past experience of consumers; we can predict the future trends by bringing profitable products and services into the market. In this modern world, the popularity of interactive media like the World Wide Web is increasing day by day with rapid pace.

According to author Report, “ One in four consumers indicated that they spend more time online because of the tough economy and 53 percent of consumers said they spend about the same amount of time online”.

Internet gathers all competitors and consumers in one place. It brings new lane to promote, advertise products and services in market online consumers are always seeking new products, new attractiveness and the most important thing being price compatibility with their budget. The internet is the best way to save time and money through purchasing online within their range of budget at home or in anywhere.

It is analyzed that with the passage of time online shopping of electronic goods...

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