Consumer Learning Process

Consumer Learning Process

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Everyday the consumer is in undated with different kinds of advertisement and promotional activities. Each message emphasizes one product or the other. As a result of these repetitions, certain products have become household words. The objective of promotional activities was to help the consumer learn about the product that was being promoted. For effective marketing strategy, it is imperative to understand how consumer acquires information, beliefs and attitudes and why the interest declines or the product is forgotten after some time.

What is Learning?

Learning is one of the primary determinants of human behaviour. Socio-cultural variables as culture, values attitude, ideas, concepts, motives, perception and responses to needs are all result of learning. Everybody spends his life learning as well as controlling other to achieve desired results.

Learning can be defined as a process by which people acquire knowledge, understanding, skills and values and apply them to solve problems throughout their daily life.

In consumer behaviour learning is the change in behaviour brought about by experience, the tendencies to perceive, think or act in certain ways with regards to given products, services or ideas. When learning occurs, behavioural modification is its manifestation and this is often relatively enduring.

Learning as a Process

Learning like many psychological phenomena can not be directly observed. It can only be inferred through chants in behaviour which could be overt. For instance, in the past when radio was the only electronic medium, jingles were learned from it when they were repeated over time. Learning of such jingle occurred because it made a strong impression as it was repeated so frequently. After such repetition the brand name gets learned or associated with the product.

Consumer behaviour generally is therefore nothing but learning,...

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