Consumer Madness

Consumer Madness

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Consumer Madness

Shopping stores during the opening of the shopping spree is not possible to ignore the news. Getting a property sold for cheap before the opening race of the first we watched in amazement. Birçoğumuzda certainly do the same.

What's going on without rhyme or reason why more consumers went mad? How a woman's face next to a property before it, and select "grab" triumphant warrior challenge muhaberesinde edasıyla koşabiliyorlar case? What happened to humanity? When the neighborhood, help to respect the rights of others, such as the gentleman's feelings of social behaviors they throw it aside, and to have more sense of exhausting his foot next to the throats of people started to run, and select the case?

Consumption has become the Western concept of the beast, ever more consumption, rashly consumption, the consumption of waste körüklenmiş, very consuming, was the most valuable to the community.

Thus, an endless 'Consumption slavery' was created.
Knowledge and his moral values and culture of the West, but let's not take fennini. " This wonder is it possible? Science and technology to take a civilization, its culture and philosophy of life out of it .. keep the spirit and the body is similar to separate

Understanding of the liberal capitalist, consumer perceptions of the world and the spirit of its own reflected everything. Consumer culture is the underlying problem of detection. For example, cola drinks, eating fast-food model to start spreading the culture in our country and our taste uğratmış deformation reduced the family tradition of eating a meal together, yozlaştırmıştır traditional culinary culture.

Local production, local habits and traditions baltalanarak, international global brands dependency created monopolies. Communities McDonaldlaştırılmakta, Coca-Cola .. laştırılmaktadır. Brands yüceltilmekte, putlaştırılmakta, a secular icons are turned into products for consumers. Majestic stores, shopping centers, public...

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