Consumer Promotional Partnerships

Consumer Promotional Partnerships

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Hippo’s Dippos Sampling RFP


I. Background

Hippo’s Dippos was born, like all great discoveries, moments before a cocktail party on cold night in January 1995. Johnny “Hippo” Dipeasi is an iconoclastic Sous chef for a famous wild game gourmet restaurant in Great Johns, New Jersey. Hippo has long been known for combining unlikely ingredients that result in amazing tasting combinations. The issue with all of Hippo’s gourmet delicacies is that they have an almost appalling appearance. Hippo’s is best known for his gourmet dips '' which can be used as marinates or spreads. The dips are a taste bud symphony '' with big, complex and bold tastes. But the products are disgusting in appearance. Previous research results from sampling initiatives found that consumers time and time again referred to Hippo’s dips as dog vomit or worse. Not surprisingly, the appearance assaults consumers’ purchase intent. But those who have the internal fortitude to try it quickly fall for its multi-cultural, wild game infused, oral firecracker appeal. They become customers for life and become “Manson-like” (Charles not Marilyn) followers and spokespeople for the brand.

II. Current Opportunity

With the growth of gourmet-savvy consumers and the advent of “be like Emeril in your home”, Hippo’s Dippos are poised for home party greatness. Hippo’s Dippos has two key non-user barriers to overcome:
• The first is very low brand awareness.
• The second is the product’s bodily refuge-like appearance, which undersells its unique taste.
Sampling must motivate non-user purchase by maximizing trial to overcome the appearance barrier. Generating awareness is expected to be a secondary benefit of sampling.

This brand has had a difficult time developing communication messages (e.g. advertising), that motivate purchase, in part due to its vomit-like appearance. However, we know from anecdotal experience that once people try Hippo’s Dippos, they really like it and...

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