Consumer Solving Activity

Consumer Solving Activity

Module 4

Assignment #1
Consumer Problem Solving Activity:
New Car Purchase

October 7, 2016

New Car Purchase

Executive Summary

The following report will provide the information and analysis required to address the decision of purchasing a new car. A family of four that requires owning two automobiles to go about their daily lives activities has the task of finding a suitable automobile that meets there needs and desires to replace an aging unreliable automobile that they presently own,
After the problem of needing to purchase a new car has been identified the next stage of searching for information to aid in the decision of which automobile will be analyzed. The internal information search will entail drawing from personal past experiences with vehicles the family has owned in the past to help decide which make or model type to pursue. External sources are sought out to gain additional information as personal experiences do not provide sufficient information to make an educated decision. Family, friends and colleagues are questioned about the opinions that they have about the cars they own or have owned in the past. Resources on the internet are used to seek out reviews and to watch videos on specific model reviews to gain information specific to different makes and models of automobiles.
Upon gathering all of the information that is sufficient to move forward in the search for a new vehicle a list of specific criteria is developed to help narrow the search for a new automobile to those models that meet the selection criteria. The consideration set of vehicles was narrowed down to six specific vehicles consisting of three SUV’s (Hondas Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Land Rover Range Rover), two crossover vehicles (Nissan Murano, Mitsubishi Outlander) and one truck (GMC Sierra).
After comparison of the six selected vehicles has taken place decisions on which vehicles cannot be purchased are made based on the two...

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