Contact Hypothesis

Contact Hypothesis

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Contact Hypothesis.

With reference to recent research outline and evaluate some of the moderating and mediating mechanisms thought to be involved in intergroup contact.

In 1954 Gordon Allport published a book entitled “ The Nature of Prejudice” In that book Allport provided only a seminal analysis of the origins of intergroup prejudice but also a series of influential policy recommendations for its elimination. Taken together, these recommendations have come to be known as The Contact Hypothesis.
According to Pettigrew (1999), Allport’s influential version of the hypothesis was expressly designed to challenge the well-meaning but spurious belief that contact per se can reduce prejudice. Allport wanted to highlight the importance of contextual prerequisites in promoting meaningful change.
What is Contact Hypothesis?
Contact Hypothesis is the idea that contacts between members of hostile groups will reduce stereotyping and prejudice. As might be discerned from its name, its central premise is that, the best way to reduce tension and hostility between groups is to try to bring them into contact in various other ways. Contact improves individuals attitudes toward particular outgroup members who are classified as exceptions to the rules, but leaves intergroup perceptions unchanged. (Rothbart & John, 1985).

Contact Hypothesis is perhaps the most enduring contribution to social psychology, one of the most long-lived and successful ideas in the history of psychology. According to Dovidio et al, 2003 the contact hypothesis is now firmly established as “one of psychology’s most effective strategies for improving intergroup relations.

Gordon W. Allport (1954) is credited with the development of the Contact Hypothesis, also known as Intergroup Contact Theory. The premise of Allport's theory states that under appropriate conditions interpersonal contact is one of the most effective ways to reduce prejudice between majority and minority group members. Issues...

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