Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

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The contact lenses


Can a receded (first) primary lenses was lessen and made in oppressive and model from more needed limited artificial eye made of used of company libratory by end of by manufactory glass specially treat on uses cases to involved cornea from first quarter after the lens progress then queues of eye the for cast taken mouthed perform when material and made of eye the surface of on injected cast according to the cut and perfectly copy then measure, some ophthalmic performed and applies number of cylinders of glass on the eye according to the deviation that in the cylinder and cut according to the measurement this is second mouthed estimated by it the concave of the cornea but the improvement return to the Dallas in progression of cast to glass in synthesis of lenses.

This is model of lenses use in standard model from the specialized of lens the company that responsible of lenses in Germany that the lens was contain (2) deviation according to toe lens the man officered for the person that need to it.

The soft contact lenses

Number of synthesis specialize the optical machine with dentistity are moved in this duration and presenting material to take this measurement and put the proper casting in the eye and cut it according to it and using plastic plate to protect the eye and take the shape and cut and compressed cubed with some necessary things manually. This is more important in the lenses and uses in more method
Bat this appear that the lenses don't uses long time should be continuous in wearing it from the eye at take off of the fluid between it and eye in addition the time of to larine from patient little and necessary to remain free distance between the cornea and lens . The problem about the damage that can became in the cornea and stability of the lens and healthy.
Making the lens comfortable and easy in the using but the true that some people were using in the long time of hour that effected on the eye .


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