Contemporary Entrepreneurship

Contemporary Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is gradually becoming an essential instrument to promote economic growth and development in different regional and national economies. It is also perceived to offer something that is important to various entities such as governments, cities, corporations, and individuals (Shapero 1985). What sparked the rise of this ‘phenomena’ were these people, entrepreneurs who used innovation, creativity, and self-determined ambition to better own and manage their own firms. The leadership that is provided by these entrepreneurs enables economies around the world to benefit from all of the positive effects of economic growth.

As such, entrepreneurs are the bedrock behind economic growth. Without their resourcefulness and risk-seeking attitude, pursuing improbable opportunities would not have been made possible and new business ventures may end up as total failures in the end. In this report, it looks at a few attributing causes to entrepreneurial activities within the South East Asia region for the past two decades. Using the budget airline industry as a generic case, it will describe and evaluate the approaches that most South East Asian airline carriers have undertaken in an attempt to capitalise the idea of going budget as an innovation to the contemporary way of flying. In addition, it also looks at the possibilities of what this innovation can bring and how it can be further exploited in the future.

Regional Entrepreneurial Activity
Factors that influenced entrepreneurial activity in South East Asia in the last two decades has not been just the implementation of good government policies, but rather the paths indigenous and non-indigenous entrepreneurs were allowed to take and the experiences they were allowed to accumulate, and the subsequent depth and breadth of the business networks and global linkages that characterise the entrepreneurs of each country in the region.

ASEAN was already well integrated into Asian and European maritime...

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