Content Management

Content Management

You are an information manager for a large pharmaceutical company. The company specialises in making drugs that treats and prevents heart attacks, strokes and other forms of heart disease. After a review of the information management problems the company is currently facing senior IT management wish to investigate the use of a thesaurus and XML as part of a content management solution. The company has grown rapidly in the last five years and has problems related to lack of standardised information management procedures. Symptoms of the problem have been uncovered by some internal company research:

• Staff problems locating and finding documents on file systems and on the intranet • Lack of common terms used throughout the company • Duplication of information • Lack of agreement with staff internally and customers externally over standards for formats and standard for drug documentation

The company produces the following documentation in addition to standard business documentation (e.g. finance, HR, management):

• Drug information documents sent to Government agencies around the world • Drug trial documentation • Specialist research reports • Drug reviews • Correspondence and feedback from the Health industry

Your brief as information manager is to write a report in a standard business style with the following components:

1. An explanation of thesaurus and XML concepts for IT senior management. Explaining the technical issues when relevant. 2. An overview and explanation explaining the business benefits to the company of: o Meta data standards o Thesaurus o XML 3. Explained Worked examples (relevant to the company) of: o Outline Thesaurus structure o XML for company data or information o Meta data for company documents

Marking Criteria o Executive Summary 15% o Presentation 15% o Explanation 20% o Overview of benefits 25% o Worked examples 25%

Any sources used in the assessment must be fully...

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