Content Analysis Exercise

“Perfume advertisements use gender’s sexuality to retain attention of viewers.”


Magazine A:
Name: Esquire
Issue number: 227
Date of Publication: Oct 2007

Magazine B:
Name: Elle
Issue Number: 788
Date of Publication: December 2008

Why choose these 2 magazines??

If you are not familiar with the both magazines, let me tell you briefly about it. Elle is a girls more superficially young independent ladies magazines and Esquire for independent young men magazines. I choose 2 different magazines of female and male to avoid the bias of the advertisements as there are advertisements for both men and women.


This research is basically done to understand the advertisements of the perfumes. Almost always you won’t come across perfume advertisements from a Chinese country or some of the Asian countries. Nearly all advertisements in magazines or TV you see or are form European countries or from United State of America. I as well choose this topic to understand why there is such a situation.

My purpose is to understand the tactics or the phenomena behind these perfume advertisements and to see what makes these perfumes so different so credible and so desiring.

Limitation or Delimitation:
I don’t read magazines, therefore found it’s pretty hard to find the right magazines. Another difficulty was that nearly all local magazines are in Chinese. I don’t understand Chinese therefore I might not be able to understand the wordings on these advertisements. Instead I need to seek help form the others to translate it for me.


I would be choosing the method of …… First of all it will show all the categories that I used for my analysis. Next it will explain how these categories are analyzed and I came to the results. It will as well show whether right categories are chosen to study my hypothesis. If these categories are the right ones, then are they...