Continuing Education After High School

Continuing Education After High School

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There once was a time when a person could go to work straight after high school and begin a career. Wars, companies closing shop and moving overseas are not only causing many people to lose their jobs, but also making it hard for people to find jobs when they’re ready to enter the working world. This option for us Americans is almost non-existent nowadays.

People like to say that wars are good for the economy. Well, I ask those people to take a look at our economy; not only right now, but the last 5 plus years. We as a nation are in a tremendous debt. This huge debt causes millions of people to lose their jobs. In 2008 2.6 million lost their jobs. That’s the highest number in six decades. This causes a chain effect. Larger companies lay off, or close down completely, causing smaller companies all over the United States to do the same.

For a long time now, companies have had the option to close their doors and move their entire company overseas or to another country for cheaper labor. I don’t understand how this is even legal, but that’s an entirely different topic. Why do they decide to do this you ask? Well, here’s why. They can hire workers at very low wages, the companies don't have to pay any employee benefits, they don't have to comply with safety and environmental regulations and they don't have to pay foreign taxes when they export their products back to us. This alone causes thoasands of Americans to lose their jobs yearly. And really shows our government is looking out for us American citizens huh?

Now, I’m sure you’re asking what does any of this have to do with continuing education after high school? Continuing education, be it an...

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