Controlling Population Growth

Controlling Population Growth

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Group Essay
-Priyesh Shrestha, Monica KC, Ekta Gyawali

Assess the arguments for and against the control of population.

Population control is the practice of artificially altering the rate of population growth. It should be kept in mind that controlling the population does not only mean reducing the population size, but also increasing it, in some cases. Population control can be implemented by regulating the birth rate, death rate and migration rate. Many countries have been controlling their population, owing it to suitable measures, to become socially and economically developed. The question as to if population control is advantageous or not has different aspects, however in my opinion, I believe there are both advantages and disadvantages to population control.

Population control can improve the economic condition of a country. Population growth is altered with respect to the particular country’s economic position. A country having a large population may be suffering from many economic problems such as unemployment, poverty, high consumption rate and even debts, whereas a small population brings about difficulties like lack of labour force and low production rate. In a largely populated country, people try to curtail the population growth through family planning and usage of contraceptives. In China, which is the most populated country in the world, they have a one-child policy in which having more than one child is discouraged. On the other hand, countries with a small population offer benefits for people to procreate, for example countries like Norway and Singapore.

Social problems can also be lessened by controlling the population. Too many people living in an area leads to crime, violence, misbehaviour, ethnic problems and even health problems. The large population is very difficult to be handled by the system, and such problems are likely to arise. Social evils resulting from overpopulation affects the country all together. That is the...

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