Convention Wireless Network

Convention Wireless Network

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Company: Cosmic Technology

Convention Wireless Network

To: CEO Imagination Entertainment
Re: Critical Design Review


Introduction 3
Executive Summary (written only) 3
Company Overview 3
Project Title 3
Project Start Date 3
Project Managers 3
Project Description 3
Project Objectives 4
Project Approach 4
Roles and Responsibilities 4
Assumptions 4
Scope Statement 4
Project Requirements 4
Project Justification and Background 5
Project Costs and Financial Analysis (justification) 5
Resource Requirements 5
Any System Overview 5
Project Deliverables 5
Risk Analysis 5
Communication Plan 8
Change Control Plan 8
Training Plan 8
Criteria for Success 8
Work Breakdown Structure 8
Summary and Conclusion with signoff 11
Appendix: 11
Supportive data 11
Any WBS detail 11


Cosmic Technology is a small technology firm specializing in outsourced application development, network design, and network installations. Our experienced staff of project managers, engineers, and technicians offers both experience and value to our clients. Our small experienced staff offers the nimbleness required to implement a first-class wireless network for the Imagination Entertainment convention.

Executive Summary (written only)

We will utilize the existing backbone network of Imagination Entertainment to provide wireless network access to an estimated crowd of 10000 participants. The wireless network will provide the ability for all of the participating vendors and participants to access the internet using key access points our company will place through out the convention center. Prior to installation, our company will perform a site survey to ensure maximum network coverage. To ensure network security, we will enforce password access before participants and vendors can access the network. Our experienced help-desk staff will assist vendors and participants with network...

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