Conveyor Foundations

Conveyor Foundations

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Rectification of coal conveyor foundations : A Case Study


Bhakt Raj Sharma, Deepak.B.Amin,
Sr. Manager(Civil & Structural) Sr. Project Engineer
GR. II Projects GR. II Projects
Larsen & Toubro Limited Larsen & Toubro Limited


Proper compaction of soil during back-filling is very often neglected in large projects being executed under tight schedules. Very often this leads to disastrous results if foundations are constructed on this back filled soil due to settlement of these foundations during monsoon. This paper is a case study of a similar situation encountered at the Khaperkheda Thermal Power Project (expansion project) near Nagpur in Maharashtra. A conveyor which was basically erected for expediting the commissioning of the plant delayed the commissioning by over six months due to settlement of it’s foundations during the first monsoon after construction. The rectification carried out to correct the situation is also detailed in this case study.


During the construction of large-scale projects, the importance of compaction of soil has always been stressed upon but seldom practiced. In the urgency to complete the structures on schedule, back-filling is done with scant regard to proper compaction. This has very often led to disastrous results, with foundations constructed on the back filled soil settling after the first monsoon, leading to misalignment of the erected equipment and subsequent delay in commissioning or disruption of production. This paper presents the case study of a similar situation encountered during the construction of a conveyor of 500 m length at the 2 x 210 MW Khaperkheda Thermal Power Station at Khaperkheda near Nagpur in Maharashtra.


The 2 x 210 MW Khaperkheda thermal power plant (two units) is located at Khaperkheda near Nagpur in Maharashtra. The project was undertaken by Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Power Sector Group, on Turnkey...

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