Cool Guys

Cool Guys

Im cool and you're not. The end.Treaty of Versailles:

- all countries blamed Germany for the war
- Woodrow Wilson from the US made a 14 point plan which would avoid any future warfare
- The Germans had to sign the Treaty of Versailles, despite not being pleased with it
- It stated: they were blamed for everything, had to pay 6.6 million in damages, enabled to have a small army, land was taken and distributed amongst other countries.
- they couldn't afford it, since during 1920's(great depression), they were really poor
- voted Adolf Hitler into government, who would destroy the Treaty of Versailles
- became their Chancellor, and immediately began to build up their army
- Britain and France didn't interfere, thought that this would reduce communism towards the West
- 1936, Hitler made Germans take over Rhineland, which they did with ease despite having a weak army
- also, partnered up with Italy's Mussolini, and also with Japan
- March 1938, Hitler and Germany marched into Austria to take it. They had a vote whther to partner up with Germany, and clearly fixed, 99% said yes. Hitler said that was the last of it.
- Hitler wanted Sudetenland, but the prime minister of Britain, Neville Chamberlain, said he could only have it if he didn't invade the rest of Czechoslovakia. He did anyways in 1939, breaking yet another promise.
- Also invaded Poland in 1939, despite France and Britain saying that they would take military action against him.

- Germans were rebuilding their army, and the others felt it was fair, since so much blame was placed on them.
- They wanted to position their soldiers in Rhineland, since they felt Britain and France as a threat towards them, and they were ok with it since Rhineland also happened to be a part of Germany.
- Chamberlain made Hitler sign the Munich agreement, along with Britain, France, and Italy. Hitler then invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia, breaking the treaty.

- League of Nations was made to maintain the...

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