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The day after they moved in, Coraline went exploring. She started off by wandering through the old garden with many overgrown trees that were probably as ancient as the house itself. There was also a tennis court and a rose garden that had sickly green weeds creeping over the narrow path. Without warnings, Coraline stepped on a colourful mushroom. Instinctively, she covered her nose, the smell was so dreadful that she felt like throwing up.

When Coraline’s family first moved into the house, the two strange ex-actresses Miss Spink and Miss Forcible had warned her to stay away from the dangerous well. On the third day, she discovered the mysterious well behind the old tennis court.

Curiosity had gotten the better of her as she spent the whole afternoon dropping stones and counting how long before the stone hits the water. On her way back home, she again discovered the haughty black cat watching her but was frustrated by how the cat kept on slipping away as she tried to play with it

Coraline sighed deeply as she watched the rain pouring down heavily from the sky. It wasn’t long before she watched all the videos and gone through all her books. She always had friends to play with back in the old house but this house was so isolated from its neighbourhoods that she would have to walk for at least half an hour.
“Dad?” asked Coraline, “would it be all right if I go exploring outside?” After several minutes her dad finally went angry.
“Coraline, this is the seventh time you have asked me,” shouted her dad, “are you stupid or do you just determined to annoy me? It’s got to be one or the other, so tell me. Which is it?”

Coraline tried hard not to let her tears trickle down her face when she walked out of the room. It wasn’t fair, Coraline thought, the way adults gave you two equally bad alternatives and insisted you to pick one. She looked around the house and discovered her grandmother’s drawing room where Coraline’s family kept all the...

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