Corn flour machine advantages in intelligence and raw material

Corn flour machine advantages in intelligence and raw material

CORN FLOUR MACHINE raw material needs some quality standard. Good and qualified corn material can help to process much better corn products. When we choose corn flour machine raw material, we should check its quality.

First, we should ensure the stable features of the corn. Only this, can we ensure the stable performance of the corn flour machine and the end products quality
The corn flour machine raw material quality should conform to the national standard.
Third, in corn processing, we should utilize the raw material reasonably.
Qualified corn can be processed into better corn products so as to improve corn flour machine economic value.

For some corn flour machine which mainly grinds corn kernels, the grinding roll has great importance. Excellent corn flour machine grinding roll can make pulses processing more effective and the end products have higher quality. Therefore, when we choose the spare parts for the corn flour machine, we should choose the high quality grinding roll first.

However, in grinding roll choosing, many people always like to choose the one with high hardness. In fact, what we should choose is the grinding roll with good abrasive resistance. The hard-wearing grinding roll has longer service life. But the grinding roll with high hardness may not have good abrasive resistance. Oppositely, some grinding rolls with high hardness are always easily abraded. And because of the high hardness, the grinding roll abrasion may be more serious caused by the rolls crashing. But in the guarantee of the roller wear resistance, the corn flour machine will have higher working efficiency for its higher hardness of the grinding roll.

Therefore, the high hardness of the corn flour machine grinding roll doesn’t mean the higher quality of the grinding roll. With respect to the hardness, the wear-resisting property is more important.

Corn flour machine is developing towards intellectualized direction, which makes corn flour machine operation and...

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