Corn grinding machine has unique meaning

Corn grinding machine has unique meaning

CORN GRINDING MACHINE has sealed and duplex structure, electrostatic coating surface, luxurious and beautiful appearance. It has pneumatic auto-control, which is easy to operate. It also realizes remote and centralized control and frequency conversion; It is internally installed with negative air suction device to improve charging and decrease temperature between roller and materials.

Corn grinding machine is mainly used for milling wheats, corn and coarse grains,suitable for large&medium processing line.We provide a turnkey project of our machienry, including special design, installation, commissioning and training workers. Guarantee for repair, replacement and returns within half a year since goods arrival.

As the corn grinding machine manufacturer, we are weak in development of coarse grain machinery. It is claimed that people should have tasteful coarse grains. Experts said development of coarse grain products should differ in different groups. For example, special nutritional food for pregnant women, auxiliary food for enfants and children, healthcare food for chronic patients, nutritional food for the aged and sports, traveling food for modern people.

Corn grinding machine has unique meaning. Many people do not like coarse grain and they even require wheat flour the finer the better, which leads to loss of beneficial substances. Hence, coarse grain consumption on one hand, is required to strengthen selection of special species, on the other, is to enhance processing level, which has become common view of agricultural experts.

Corn grinding machine manufacturer says, maize flour is more nutritious than the common. Maize is an golden crop whose fat, P and Vitamin B2 rank first in all the grains. Maize flour contains linoleic acid and VE to reduce risk of arteriosclerosis by decreasing cholesterol level in human body.

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