Corn Oil Extraction

Corn Oil Extraction

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´╗┐Slight Heat Great Heat, steamed under boiling. Slight just over a year the hottest season is coming. Sweating, consumption, coupled with fatigue, people can not ignore the body of conservation. Safely summer, rest, is a priority to protect the body, light diet, calmly but can not be ignored. Corn Oil, Green natural,ragrance is not greasy, cool in the summer with your summer.

Unlike conventional oil, derived from corn germ corn oil has a different kind of flavor. Bright color, fragrance, taste light, in the summer, fresh and natural quality assigned to each dish unique fragrance, to awaken people dies of stomach. Domestic natural green maize season to absorb adequate nutrition after Sunny and the earth, has reached the highest point of critical nutrients. To maximize the purification of corn extract.

Accurate, high-end extraction process. Low-temperature physics squeezing, eight moderate refining, refining retained not only the taste of fresh corn, more full of rich native nutrition. Round after round of refining the production process control, pure and translucent, high-quality corn oil began to flow from the refining equipment, this is the birth of corn oil.

Of course, this is not the life course of all corn oil. To ensure product quality, from the head to ensure product quality, to plantations, site acceptance of raw materials, to control every step, every barrel of corn oil to go through before they turn after passing the test sequence for a direct impact on product safety the key step is the focus of health quality control, strengthening the records, increase the inspection frequency.

The heat of summer, a time more eager to clean, tranquil life, elegant meals, corn oil, corn concise essence, continuing fascination with people's tastes and expectations, in this seasonal add a little cool for you life.

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