Corn Peeling Machine Operation Specifications

Corn Peeling Machine Operation Specifications

Corn peeling machine becomes more and more popular in African market and other market in the world. This is not only because corn is the staple food for many people, but also because corn peeling machine has much more convenience, functions and advantages in operation and production.

With social development, people pay more and more attention to food nutrition. Corn food, as one of the healthy food, contains lots of nutrition. And with corn food consumption increasing, the market also keeps a watchful eye on corn peeling machine. Each corn peeling machine has its own usage rules. Only abiding by the corn peeling machine usage rules, can we ensure its normal running.

Corn peeling machine is mainly used in corn peeling, wheat peeling, soybean peeling, mung bean peeling, sorghum peeling and other grain peeling. It has motor of 22KW, and can process 1000kg of material per hour at least. Corn peeling machine mainly consist of feeding mechanism, screw propeller, peeling chamber, transmission mechanism, collection hopper, discharging device and dust remover.

Corn peeling machine (dry method) utilizes high-speed rotation emery blade for continuous cutting and rubbing to damage the bonding strength between corn and the corn albumen and corn germs. It makes corn cortex gradually separated and then effectively removes corn cortex. Meanwhile, it can make corn germs and the black impurities separated. Corn peeling machine has highly efficient air suction chamber inside to collect the corn cortex from peeling process. Corn peeling rate can reach 98% above and soybean and mung bean peeling rate can reach 95% above, which reaches the highest standard of this industry.

1. When the squeezing quantity is low, and milling and yield is abnormal, we should draw out the squeeze shaft and check the cage bar and the spiral shell abrasion circumstances. The wearing parts should be changed in time. Each lubrication part should prevent dust and other impurities intrusion....

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