Corn Processing Equipment Benefits and Industry Problems

Corn Processing Equipment Benefits and Industry Problems

Corn processing equipment manufacturer says, maize flour is more nutritious than the common. Maize is an golden crop whose fat, P and Vitamin B2 rank first in all the grains. Maize flour contains linoleic acid and VE to reduce risk of arteriosclerosis by decreasing cholesterol level in human body.

High contents of calcium and iron prevent high blood pressure and heart disease. Modern medical research indicates rich GSH in maize flour has the function to resist cancer, which detoxicates chemical cancerogenic substances by combining with them and excrete through digestive system. Coarse maize flour contains abundant lysine to restrain tumor.

Nutrition in common flour depends on its raw material. Wheat, potato and cassava flour is quite different from maize. You can choose different flour as you need. For example, potato flour is often used to made bread and cakes. Corn processing equipment is a good choice for you to processing maize into quality flour.

Since the opening reformation, CORN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT, as Chinese pillar industry, has gained good market development, effectively increasing its competitive status and speeding up domestic economy. Seeing from corn processing equipment development, we should not only rely on technology, but advanced leading principles.

First, China should adjust and upgrade corn processing equipment structure, increasing comprehensive level of corn processing equipment industry.Then, we should continuously circulate economy of corn processing equipment and extend processing chain to increase comprehensive competitiveness.

Last, China should optimize structure of corn processing equipment industry, forming a specialized, well distributed development pattern.

In sum, in developing corn processing equipment, we should continuously expand influence of brand, increasing technology level under the correct leading principle.

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