Corporate Dosier Guidelines

Corporate Dosier Guidelines

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1. This is just the guideline and you can add more to serve the purpose of Corporate Dossier better.
2. Number of pages mentioned against each item on report is just a suggestive numbers. Important thing is the content. A complete coverage of each topic without redundant information and without missing any information is more important than length of material you provide in the report.
3. The report is graded on contents as well as on logical analysis of information.


1. To analyze financial statements of a selected publicly traded company.
2. To study various financial policies of the firm.
3. Tracking price of the firm’s stock for last one year and studying stock-price volatility.
4. To observe association among financial ratios, stock price movement and financial policies.
5. To observe association between industry, economic and global variables on one side and stock price volatility on the other.

Data Collection

1. Weekly closing values of firm’s share price, a composite stock index (e.g. Lebanon Stock Index) and any treasury security during the last calendar year.
2. Collect closing stock price for each of the dates of balance sheets of the company. (If firm closes its account on 31st December then collect closing price on the last trading day of the year for each of the three years under study.)
3. Dividends paid over last 10 years and net earnings over the corresponding periods. (Also, stock dividend and stock-split history in last 10 years)
4. Last three years’ Annual reports of the selected company.
5. All other materials pertaining to the selected company. (News, announcements and other sources on Internet, newspapers, magazines etc.)
6. Material related to global environment, economic environment industry characteristics, competition etc. that could have effect on the performance of the selected firm.

Note: You may select any company of any economy. However, the...

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