Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance within the organisation ‘WebValue Limited’

Assignment Topic:

Conduct a review of the governance of your organization in the form of a report to the Chairman of the Governing Board of Directors. In the brief report use the concepts, tools and techniques to review the structure, process and effectiveness of the governance of the organization and make recommendations for appropriate improvements.

Word Count:

From the start of section 1 through to the end of section 4: 1015 words

Executive summary:

WebValue Limited has grown through the acquisition of smaller companies that have either been seen as competition or seen as having a competitive advantage. Consequently WebValue Limited has grown from a small hosting company to one of the largest software development companies in New Zealand.

However, this growth has been largely organic and ad hoc with little or no thought gone into the ongoing management structure. To ensure that the company grows in line with their new strategic business goals, a review is required of the current management structure and recommendations given.

This report sets out to establish a way forward.

Report to the Chairman of the Governing Board of Directors of WebValue Ltd
Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. A review and discussion of current governance

3. A critical look at our current governance and its effectiveness

4. Recommendations


1. Introduction

WebValue Limited is one of the largest independent software development houses in New Zealand. From its humble beginnings in 2004 it has grown from a simple web hosting company to a leading provider of software and integration solutions to the corporate marketplace. With expertise across many software disciplines we are able to offer a one stop solution that few other companies in Australasia are able to match.

However I believe...

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