Corporate Mission Statement Asasa Shuttle Service Ltd.

Corporate Mission Statement Asasa Shuttle Service Ltd.

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AFASA Shuttle Service Ltd.

Organizations and Management

Mission Statement

The Mission of AFASA Shuttle Service Ltd. is to fulfill our role as the university ’s main means of transportation on campus, by effectively and efficiently providing a safe and comfortable journey, so as to ensure the economic viability of our service, and the best quality for the students University of Technology, Jamaica.

Slogan “Dem Fast Eeeh”

Corporate Goals

Corporate goals are goals set by an organization are specific, quantifiable targets that it commits to attain in order to achieve its corporate mission and objectives. The AFASA Shuttle Service Ltd. will classify corporate goals into three main categories: Strategic Goals, Tactical Goals and Operational Goals.

The strategic goals to be pursued include:
• To be responsive to the needs of the students of the University of Technology, Jamaica
• Delivery of high quality service which will contribute to the University's mission
• To achieve or better our financial target
• To manage assets and liability in an efficient manner
• Use technology to achieve strategic goals
• To be accountable for our actions
• Communicate openly and regularly to our customers
• Efficient management and development of human resources
• Recognizing employees contributions and invest in their potential
• Evaluate our activities to enable improvements in future actions
• Develop a team based organization
• Leading by example with clarity
The tactical objectives to be pursued include:
• To increase the demand in service offered by the company
• To ensure that employees are aware of new company policies
• To be attentive of the economical and technological changes
• To develop and strengthen new and existing client relationships
The operational objectives to be pursued include:
• To make a profit
• To work with the budget provided
• To...

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