Corporate Profile of Event Management Company

Corporate Profile of Event Management Company

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In the year 2007, I-Station Limited has arrived a long way in the field of Events, Exhibition and Conference Management. The organization is formed by some talented young and committed team of enthusiasts who believe in giving their best effort amid their creative ideas and in a very professional way. Because of the hard work of countless creative and dedicated staff members, the tireless efforts of a world-class support team, and for the undying customer loyalty, the company has become one of the most prominent and experienced Event Management Company in present Bangladesh. I-Station Limited initially started off in the Event industry, but has since diversified its portfolio to include a host of other business ventures. I-Station’s business strategy has always been the continual progress of existing operations and a steady search for new ventures. In the year 2009, it’s started to diversify the business in other sector. Today, I-Station Limited has presence in: Events, Entertainment, Hospitality, Trading, Corporate Supply, Information Technology and Digital Marketing are continuing its diversification and consolidation in different segment.





Our Mission is to deliver and provide quality & innovative products & services to our clients, maintain stringently ethical standard in business operation also ensuring benefit to the shareholders, stakeholders and the society at large.

We view business as a means to the material and social wellbeing of the investors, employees and the society at large, leading to accretion of wealth through financial and moral gains as a part of the process of the business advancement.

Our strategy are to conduct our business transparently and operation will be based on market mechanism within the legal & social framework with aims to attain...

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