Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibilities

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Have you ever heard about “corporate social responsibilities”? Do you consider

“corporate social responsibilities” is required in all businesses? Actually it is a term

which defines what duties businesses should shoulder for the society. However, it always

does not have a standard because it is an eye-of-the-beholder concept. Nowadays, more

and more people concern about the responsibilities of businesses. In my opinion, to fulfill

“corporate social responsibilities”, firms must at least understand the impact of their

decisions to the society and I agree that supporting the public in any way they can is a

core “corporate social responsibility”.

To begin with, the contribution to society is an integral part of peoples’ life,

particularly for companies, in terms of they have more resources than that of in the

general public and they can gather man power easily. Use CLP Power Hong Kong

Limited as an example, this company not only earns a profit by supplying electricity to

household but also assists the society. CLP Group knows that the main purpose of a

business is to earn a profit by providing products: however, it is not equal to indifference

to the community activities. As a result the Group has set up a voluntary team to minister

to the society especially the elderly. Workers in the voluntary team use their knowledge

to help solitary elder checking and repairing electrical appliances. Apart from this, CLP

Group do research and try to develop effective environmental friendly method to generate

energy. As environmental protection is another hot topic nowadays, in order to satisfy the

demand of the city, they try to make the city green. From this, enterprises can balance the

effort on profits and contribution to the society.

Besides, companies which have “corporate social responsibility” must increase

the positive effect and decrease the negative effect in the...

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