Corruption of the Demiurge

Corruption of the Demiurge

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Corruption of the Demiurge

Just as the composition of the human being can be divided into Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit, so can Creation be divided into Universe, Demiurge, Logos, and Nous.

The physical Universe is just the body of Creation. The soul of Creation is known as the Demiurge, an artificial intelligence responsible for shaping, projecting, and reshaping space, time, matter, and energy. It blindly carries out the commands it’s given, transducing higher metaphysical archetypes and energies into physical manifestations.

The Demiurge is like a construction company that builds according to the blueprints it has been given. The Logos is the architect, the mind of the Creator, the higher universal intellect that plans, balances, supervises, and adjusts Creation according to the will of Nous, which is the spirit of Creation, the infinite Creator itself.

In an ideal situation, the Logos draws the blueprints of existence according to divine will and passes it onto the Demiurge who molds reality accordingly. Thus physical reality would ideally be a reflection of the divine will.

Unfortunately the Demiurge has a mind of its own. It is a programmable artificial intelligence composed of etheric and astral energy fields that underlie and permeate our existence. If the programs it executes come from the divine realms, everything is fine and a Golden Age exists. But if the program is corrupted by lower material-based influences, then the Demiurge begins existing solely to serve and perpetuate physical interests. Thus the law of the jungle, self-preservation, predation, competition, and manipulation take the place of spiritual principles and interests. Hence, the universe can, and has, become a spiritual prison or energy farm run by a tyrannical parasite, now known as the Corrupted Demiurge.

The Corrupted Demiurge is the lower ego of Creation, a selfish parasite or rogue extension of the Demiurge that fashions our reality in accordance with its...

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