Corundum Market Growth, Forecast and Value Chain 2015-2025: FMI Estimate

Corundum Market Growth, Forecast and Value Chain 2015-2025: FMI Estimate

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Corundum is a class of minerals, best known for the gem varieties such as ruby and sapphire,
which are essentially the same mineral albeit of different colors. Corundum is a hard and highly
stable mineral. It is the hardest mineral after diamond, making it the world’s second hardest
mineral for all practical purpose. Chemically Corundum is nothing but aluminum oxide and it can
be easily synthesized industrially. Synthetic corundum can be manufactured by adding small
quantities of color producing elements to the solution of Corundum, which is then left to solidify
in a predetermined shape. The process of synthetic production of Corundum is known as
Verneuil Process. Corundum minerals are available in different colors. The most common
varieties of Corundum are Emery (Black), Padparadschah (Pink and orange variety of Sapphire),
Ruby (Pink or red), Green Sapphire, Blue Sapprihe, Star Ruby, and Star Sapphire among some
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The main application of Corundum is as precious stones. The gemstones that fall under
Corundum minerals are perhaps the most sought after precious stones after diamond. Apart
from the highly popular Red Rubies and Blue Sapphires, rare gemstones such as Padparadschah
have witnessed an increasing demand in the jewellery market owing to its uncommon color.

Report Description
Non gem Corundum such as black Emery finds use as abrasive owing to its natural hardness.
Brown Corundum is used as deburring agent due to its ability to smoothen ragged edges. It is
also used for sand blasting, grinding and plunge cutting. White Corundum are less hard and
more angular...

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