costco mission

costco mission

Our Mission
To continually provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowest
possible prices.
In order to achieve our mission we will conduct our business with the following Code of
Ethics in mind:
Our Code of Ethics

Obey the law.
Take care of our members.
Take care of our employees.
Respect our suppliers.

If we do these four things throughout our organization, then we will achieve our ultimate goal,
which is to:
5. Reward our shareholders.
Costco's Code of Ethics:
1. Obey the Law
The law is irrefutable! Absent a moral imperative to challenge a law, we must conduct our
business in total compliance with the laws of every community where we do business. We
pledge to:

Comply with all laws and other legal requirements.
Respect all public officials and their positions.
Comply with safety and security standards for all products sold.
Exceed ecological standards required in every community where we do business.
Comply with all applicable wage and hour laws. Comply with all applicable anti-trust
Conduct business in and with foreign countries in a manner that is legal and proper
under United States and foreign laws.
Not offer, give, ask for, or receive any form of bribe or kickback to or from any person
or pay to expedite government action or otherwise act in violation of the Foreign
Corrupt Practices Act.
Promote fair, accurate, timely, and understandable disclosure in reports filed with the
Securities and Exchange Commission and in other public communications by the

2. Take care of our members
Costco membership is open to business owners, as well as individuals. Our members are our
reason for being - the key to our success. If we don't keep our members happy, little else that
we do will make a difference. There are plenty of shopping alternatives for our members and
if they fail to show up, we cannot survive. Our members have extended a trust to Costco by...

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