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CTel inc. is a privately held IT consulting company HQ in Chicago, IL. Our operation in India is spread out in Surat, Gujarat and Pune, Maharashtra. CTel Inc is IT Software and consulting company specializing in applications, infrastructure, engineering, clinical and communications technologies.

CTel inc. was established on 16th June, 2011. Our business headquarters isĀ located in North America & India with various regional locations to serve our clients efficiently.

In order to create transparency, we prefer to give everything in writing which gives a clear picture of our company and culture. Before joining if you want you can contact all our existing employees to get feedback about the company and we are the only company in market which does that.

1. You can choose the technology, and we will arrange the demo training and then you can pick the trainer with whom you want to pursue the training further. If you need our suggestions in choosing the technology we will be glad to help you out.

2. Consultant needs to pay $500.00 refundable deposit for training which will be returned in the first payroll once the consultant is placed.

3. If you do not need any training from us and, in that caseĀ 1st month onwards your salary will be on 80/20 basis.

4. If you need training from CTel inc on any technology, the salary will be 70/30 for first 3 months and from 4th month onwards it will be on 80/20 basis.

5. We will share all the agreement that we will have with client/primary vendor down the road when you join the project to create transparency in everything we do.

6. Please make sure that you have proper authorization to work it can be either CPT/OPT with SSN.

7. We will market your profile only once the resume is ready, and the consultant clears the mock interview.

8. Whenever you want you can quit the company or assignment at the client...

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