Courage, Mateship, Endurace, Sacrifice

Courage, Mateship, Endurace, Sacrifice

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Courage, Mate ship, Endurance and Sacrifice

Courage has been conveyed in this text through the elaborate use of language and visual techniques, to stimulate our enticement and broaden our knowledge of the word courage. This story, a somewhat advertisement, depicts the repetitious hardships, the ‘mosquito and leech-ridden rainforest’s and the mountainous terrain faced on the Kokoda Track but also the positive experience gained from the trek.

Language techniques such as short sentences and paragraphs are used. They arouse interest and suspense, abruptly ending the ideas portrayed. “Scores of young Australians walk along the track, craving adventure”. This one sentence paragraph pauses us, making us contemplate the preceding ideas and to focus us on what’s been said.

Emotive language has been used very effectively throughout this article, enticing our emotions and bringing us closer to the subject. Graphic imagery such as: “At times along the track, thoughts of ‘I don’t know if I can do this’ flashed through my head…” personalizes the literature, bringing out our emotions and opinions. More positive examples of emotive language such as: “At the end I was happy that I got sick because it was an extra challenge that I was able to over come and it made the experience all the more worthwhile” trigger different emotions, resolving our anxiety created by the previous dialogue and makes us feel satisfied with the resolution created for the character/subject.

Another important technique is that of contrast, through accumulation of word imagery then using juxtaposition - placing the completely opposite a couple of paragraphs later. Paragraph ‘1’ suggests: “Trekkers begin walking laden with enthusiasm, yearning to follow in the footsteps of Australian Diggers.” This is bridged with a quote to lead us in to paragraph ‘2’: “Trekkers sweat, hurt, cry and scramble up steep gradients in torrential rain. They endure blisters, fungal foot, bruised ankles and egos...

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