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Unit 3 Project

Bonnie Davis

Kaplan University

Sept. 7, 2013


Courage is when someone cares so much for another person to put their own life on hold. That is exactly what one courageous woman did for her beloved family. She put her dreams aside to care for someone else’s children. Bonnie Satterfield gave up her dream of traveling the world to care for her two young grandchildren when her daughter became too ill.

Bonnie took in her grandchildren in 2002, when her daughter was diagnosed with cancer and bipolar 2 disorder. Bonnie had always dreamed of traveling the world and finally had that chance before this all happened. The best thing about Bonnie is that she never even thought twice about taking them in. They quickly became her whole world. Bonnie has been raising her two grandchildren for eleven years now and would not have changed anything. She has gotten to do some traveling and takes them with her as much as she can. When she gets the chance to travel overseas then she leaves them with family; which is not very often. These traveling trips are not only for her dream, but she makes them fun and educational for the grandchildren as well. Bonnie not only has raised her grandchildren for eleven years, but has a handicap son as well. He also takes a lot of attention and care from Bonnie. Her son is a lot of help with the grandchildren. He is thirty six but loves to play games with them. They keep each other entertained, which is good for Bonnie.

Bonnie had a heart attack four years ago and still refuses to give up. She took on this responsibility and will do whatever it takes. Anyone that knows Bonnie will say that she is a wonderful person with a big heart. Bonnie is Mayor of the town she lives in and is a much respected woman. She has raised her own two children and now her grandchildren with respect and gratitude. Any person would be lucky to have...

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