Courageous faith

Courageous faith

After reading Courageous Faith: chs. 1 - 6, choose the Old Testament hero with whom you most identify (in either a positive or negative light).  In an original thread, describe how you identify with this hero, highlighting the parallels between their life, circumstances, and relationship with God and your life, circumstances, and relationship with God.  As you consider these parallels, reflect upon the way in which the hero's life illustrates possible solutions to your own situation or circumstances.  If you have no situation that requires a solution, then reflect upon how the hero's example may enhance your faith and relationship with God (or others).  Don't forget to use the questions in the "Ask Yourself" section at the end of each chapter; these may assist you in developing your thoughts for your essay.  In the next module, reply to two at least two classmates' threads.

Your thread is due by Monday at 11:59 p.m. (ET) of Module/Week 2, and your two replies to classmates' threads are due by Monday at 11:59 p.m. (ET) of Module/Week 3.

I would say that I mostly identify with Moses. He was chosen by God to lead his people out of Egypt and yet, in the beginning, he resisted and questioned God’s decision. God too has called me, but I have instead spent years fighting with him and begging him to choose someone else.

Moses felt inadequate, ignorant, insecure, inferior, and insufficient for the task God gave him. He felt so deeply about this that he pleaded with God not to send him. This is exactly how I have felt and it wasn’t until recently that someone pointed out that I lead daily in the Air Force. That I have many people who listen and follow my decisions, who count on them and that in ministry it will be no different, that the decisions I make now have no less impact than the ones I will make in the future and that if I rely on God and let him work in my life, I cannot go wrong. I was shown that instead of running from God and making him...

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