Cover Letter and Reference Letter

Cover Letter and Reference Letter

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Tazin Afrin Talukder
2 West 1st Street
Hamilton, Ontario L9C 3B6
(906) 966-4389
March 3, 2009

Mr Tom Hudson
Mohawk College
Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Mr. Hudson,

I'd like to enlist your assistance in my search for a new career. I have put together my current résumé to begin marketing myself for what should be a new and exciting career in journalism.

I'm looking for a job in Magazine, Radio or Television Broadcasting companies in this area. I hope that I can find a position that will allow me to use my communication, report writing and presentation skills. I do not mind moving to a new area as long as I gain new and exciting opportunities in my career path.

With your permission, I would like you to be an educational reference for me. Pending your approval, I will make sure that I let you know when I have used your name as a reference so that you will be prepared. Please let me know if this is permissible.

I welcome any assistance that you can give me as I search for the position that best suits my qualifications. Thank you for your support in advance concerning this matter.


Tazin Afrin Talukder

3rd March, 2009.

Mr. Jamie Poehlman,
Human Resources Manager
Hamilton Spectator
44 Frid Street,
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3G3

Dear Mr. Poehlman,

My name is Tazin Afrin Talukder and I would like to be considered for an internship on Hamilton Spectator. I am a junior journalism major at Mohawk College, and have always aspired to be a journalist.

Last summer at _________ held at The Independent Univerity of Bangladesh, where I covered the entire event including lectures and floor debates. I also have written for The BIT weekly newsletter during high school.

Not only am I adept at spot news coverage but can also capable of producing captivating literature to appeal to audiences. I am also deadline oriented and have exceptional time management skill.

An internship at The Hamilton Spectator would...

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